EPIC is an EU Erasmus+ project bringing together project partners and experts from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Malta, Poland and Croatia. These partners provide a blend of different expertise and insights into education and how to tackle the problems faced by educators.

This project aims to increase the availability and quality of entrepreneurship education for young people from all backgrounds in order to combat the unacceptably high levels of unemployment which many countries face. Ready to get started? The first step is to join our online community of education providers, community organisations and volunteers.

“Pop culture and entertainment can be dismissed as surface, but it’s not. It’s the language we all speak, and it’s the connection point between people all over the world.”

Bozoma Saint John

If you want to learn how you can access effective, practical training on how best to integrate pop culture into the entrepreneurial education for young people.

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Our online community is a welcoming place of full of peer learning and support. Here you can connect with other education providers and advisors, entrepreneurs and teachers from across Europe, learn from our expert resources and acquire new insights into innovative pedagogic techniques, improve your teaching and entrepreneurial skills and become more productive.