More about EPIC

Youth work organizations excel at outreach and skills development, but partner research shows 76% don’t currently teach entrepreneurship or only do so in a limited way. Young Enterprise Northern Ireland say “while youth workers understand theoretical concepts, they lack expertise in how to instil an entrepreneurial mind-set in practice and outcomes are limited by their inability to capitalize on real time social, cultural and economic opportunities”.

Our project will directly increase the availability and quality of entrepreneurship education for young people from all backgrounds by developing resources in the form of the below:

  1. Pop Culture Entrepreneurship Resource Pack. Aimed at youth educators and stakeholders, these downloadable documents will explain the value of pop culture as a medium for inclusive entrepreneurship education and offer practical guidance on how to understand cultural heritage, raise cultural awareness and develop pop culture businesses.
  2. Digital Tools for Young Entrepreneurs Resource Pack, will guide youth educators and stakeholders on how to make the most of freely available digital and mobile technology to improve the effectiveness of learning outcomes in non-formal education programmes for young people.
  3. EPIC OPPORTUNITIES for Youth Framework, published and disseminated as a set of Open Education Resources (OERs). The core of our project, this set of integrated multimedia resources is organized around a curriculum and provides youth educators with the structure, example learning activities and suggested content to deliver a pop culture entrepreneurship development programme and guide young people to become aware of the cultural heritage around them and develop innovative and sustainable products and services based on pop culture opportunities.
  4. EPIC OPPORTUNITIES Learning and Knowledge Exchange Platform. An interactive online site optimized for mobile access, providing young people with direct access to the EPIC OPPORTUNITIES OERs in bite-sized learning chunks and a platform for sharing and peer-reviewing entrepreneurial ideas within their own group and with young people across Europe.

It has three specific objectives:

explain what pop culture is, how it relates to the wider field of cultural heritage and the types of business opportunities it offers

illustrate the value using of pop culture entrepreneurship as a particular means to aiding young people’s personal and professional development, in particular with a focus on educational and social inclusion

motivate youth workers and stakeholders with practical guidance on how to introduce pop culture entrepreneurship education into their organizations.

As an immediate impact of engaging with the materials and resources which will be created through this project, youth educators will be equipped with the resources and skills to effectively teach entrepreneurship, while utilising pop culture as a tool. This will lead to a huge improvement in the quantity and quality of entrepreneurship training which is on offer to disadvantaged young people.

Another impact of this project will be to improve the professional development of these youth workers, they will acquire new competences, gain knowledge of emerging models of entrepreneurship education and develop new skills in non-formal education to help them better work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The young people benefiting from the entrepreneurial education will receive high quality early stage entrepreneurship education. They will develop a more entrepreneurial mind site alongside skills such as spotting opportunities, valuing ideas, planning and management. This will consolidate their cultural awareness and identity through exploration of pop culture, improve intercultural communication, improving their digital skills as appropriate for learning. In the short term this will improve their self-esteem and skills for employability.