Get Ready to be Inspired by Amazing Young Pop Culture Entrepreneurs Across Europe!

Get Ready to be Inspired by Amazing Young Pop Culture Entrepreneurs Across Europe!

The EPIC OERs place Pop Culture at the center of an innovative and engaging approach to equip young people who are in NEETS (neither in education, training, or employment) with exciting entrepreneurial education, skills, tools, and support they need to develop a Pop Culture business. In this section we present the  OERs which were designed to be delivered by Youth Workers and Youth Educators in Community Based Youth Work Organisations and Enterprise Development Agencies.

Pop Culture is a massively appealing industry to younger people and comes from an array of popular music, print, paraphernalia, sports, entertainment, fads, fashion, events….the list goes on. Think of the music that frequently thrives on Tik Tok or the idyllic locations, amazing props, and staging of Game of Thrones, Normal People, and Peaky Blinders!

Maybe you are interested in looking at the possibility of creating a business in the Pop Culture industry like setting up your own Pop Culture YouTube and Blogging Channel, creating a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter tourism or selling Peaky Blinders suits as the new fashion trend? If this sounds like you or someone you know then you’ll be delighted, you attended this exciting event!

If you have a business idea related to Pop Culture or are just interested in learning more about Pop Culture, then this is the place to be! You will learn with other Young People and Youth Workers across Europe how to develop a Pop Culture initiative, apply on-trend Pop Culture marketing tactics, gain confidence, and build on your entrepreneurial skills and so much more!

The EPIC Opportunities for Youth Framework and Online Educational Resources are designed to capitalise on the dynamic area of where pop culture, young entrepreneurs, business start-ups and technology meet. It does this by demonstrating how youth workers can use the EPIC Framework and Open Education Resources (OER’s) to educate young people from different backgrounds, learning needs and styles. Designed to be flexible educational resources they can be tailored to young people’s areas of interest and adaptable to their own ideas and initiatives. The EPIC Course includes a number of highly engaging and informative Modules, non-formal learning activities and exercises, integrated multimedia resources and a number of pop culture entrepreneurial case studies provided by the EPIC partner countries.  To ensure accessibility and further integration of usage EPIC provides the OERs in languages English, Croatian, Polish and Italian. EPIC also have a dedicated Trainers Guide so youth educators can realise the full benefits and opportunities these OERs can provide to young people.