Introduction To Digital Resource Pack

Entrepreneurs Resource Pack will guide youth educators and stakeholders on how to make the most of freely available digital and mobile technology to improve the effectiveness of learning outcomes in non-formal education programmes for young people. The resource pack provides a presentation of 20 highly usable resources, and offer concise, actionable information about their pedagogic contribution, allowing a trainer/lecturer quickly review, choose those of most interest, then learn quickly and implement. Digital tools for students and youth entrepreneurs are free or low-cost, popular and widely used to develop passions, promote enterprises or events, collaborate, communicate messages that are consistent and clear.

Educators can easily incorporate them into educational and entrepreneurial programs to make the classes more engaging and at the same time achieve their learning outcomes. The tools we present are particularly suitable for the development of entrepreneurship.

Digital communications tools have transformed the way we work,and learn and are now part of what it means to be a competent educational organization.

With this resource pack, we hope to enable the way of improving skills development through digital technologies also for young people, who, although digital natives with smartphones in their pockets, often cannot use digital communications in work-based scenarios. We commit to inspire, guide and equip youth educators to deliver the EPIC Youth programme using primarily digital teachingtools.

The objective of the Digital Skills Resource Pack is to provide practical guidance and tools for youth educators (and leaders of youth work and enterprise development organizations) wishing to incorporate mobile and digital learning resources with the highest potential into their youth work strategies.

The Resource Pack

  • helps youth educators understand the role of digital tools in enabling improved learning outcomes, personal and professional development, in non-formal youth education,
  • encourages youth educators to overcome resistance to technology or change itself by giving them practical step-by-step guides,
  • focuses specifically on the digital tools that are particularly appropriate for the development of entrepreneurship, intercultural awareness and digital skills for the workplace,
  • provides an introduction to digital pedagogy for non-formal youth education.